Barry Burke vs. Kelly King (Grudge Match)

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What is it about watching two dudes fight it out? Kelly King and Barry Burke stand just inches away from each other, face-to-face, nose-to-nose, shiny, and highly inflated-looking pecs, abs, and thighs just inches away from each other. These guys have a grudge to bury, as they snarl and each other about past differences. It’s the moment before the battle, the breath before the first blow, the anticipation that makes everybody lean in when there’s even a possibility of two men coming to blows. Lucky for us, there are no verbal resolutions happening here. Here problems are solved another way…

Barry Burke swoops around the ring, a marvel of massive muscles and serious devotion to physical perfection. Kelly King has a more natural bod, farm strength like a football player. Near equals in height, it’s fascinating to watch these two differently built dudes finally have it out. 

King finds his head locked between Burke’s foul-smelling knee pads, only to wriggle free and trap Burke’s face in his armpit. There’s an almost brotherly rivalry here, as arms are wrenched nearly out of sockets and heads are rattled as Burke and King literally roll each other all over the mat in one hell of a fierce floor fight. 

The winner here is anybody’s guess, as these two powerfully built barbarians have it out at last!

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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DeMonte Bacus
Barry Burke Vs. Kelly King

Great match between two hunks. Awesome match!

goichi ishikawa


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