Barry Burke vs. Charlie Panther

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What goes through your mind as you stand across the ring looking at a man...a machine...that just confessed hitting a Personal Record while deadlifting of 675 pounds?! 

I'm not sure, but I can imagine some crazy thoughts. How do you attack a man that big and that athletic? 

Charlie Panther has some BJJ experience and I thought he'd be a smart choice to go against the biggest and baddest on the roster, Barry Burke. But Charlie makes a bad first choice. He begins to play mental games with the massive muscle man then asks for a Test of Strength, which immediately is regrettable.

Panther is giving up nearly 100 pounds to his opponent...and it's probably all muscle. Barry is a great amateur wrestler and likes to train in multiple styles to be the best possible wrestler in the world.

A well-timed low blow stops the big man and Charlie Panther goes on the attack. He attacks the massive legs of Burke. Panther tightens his arms and legs around Burke's bulging neck muscles while he attempts to put the big man to sleep. Finally, Barry squirms away into a nap declaring Charlie the victor.

Total Run-time 20 minutes

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The Alpha Panther

Brian Cage as Barry Burke is a massive individual. Unfortunately he crosses paths with Charile Panther who very quickly turns him into his play toy. Cage is on the receiving end of a brutal beating by the endlessly trash talking Panther. Nothing Cage tries prevents him from ultimately becoming Panther's total bitch. Would like to have seen Cage forced to feel Panther's biceps while Panther sat on his chest flexing. For fans of smaller man destroys bodybuilder matches, this is one to own.

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