Barry Burke vs. Caleb Brand

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The trash talking begins right from the start between Caleb Brand and Barry Burke. Bad blood has spilled over after Caleb is forced to lose the night before at a small indy wrestling event in New England. Barry wanted to outshine Caleb and Caleb doesn't like how it tastes.

So here they are: in the middle of New England in the middle of winter at some rundown barn with a wrestling ring. Albeit, the ring only has two (2) ring ropes. It's a dark and cold winter night and it seems Caleb's mouth is writing a check that his ass may not be able to cash.

As the beating gets worse, so doesn't Caleb's mouth. The big man brushes off most of the comments with a conceited smile and more body crunching torture. Barry is big, bad and knows his way around the ring. Caleb knows his way around the ring, but he lacks the monstrous size of Barry. And, well, Caleb isn't as bad as he thought.

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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