Barry Burke vs. Austin Cooper & Z-Man

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The scene opens with Austin Cooper & Z-Man preparing to spar on an amateur wrestling mat. Two friends practicing their favorite sport. A great back-and-forth warm-up session is broken up as it starts steaming up. Barry Burke has been watching from the shadows and isn't impressed. Not a whole lot impresses Mr. Burke, except himself.

Burke barges in and belittles the two men. It doesn't take long before Barry is throwing both men into the ring just beyond the matted area. Barry is at home in the ring. A nationally known pro wrestler, Burke travels around the country to stand in the spotlight. Austin and Z-Man are two of the most known underground wrestling stars...and Z-Man has been on the cover of Playgirl.

Barry has little trouble with these two. He muscles the two studs around easily. Double bear hug. Double Camel Clutch. Double Boston Crab. Combination holds that punish both men simultaneously. When needed he uses one man to shield himself from the other opponent. Definitely some cool holds and bumps, too.

The underground stars don't let Burke get away unscathed. The two think temporarily slow the big man down with some quick thinking double teaming. The speed goes to the smaller guys, but it is no match for Barry's unbelievable strength and raw power.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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