Baron Badcock vs. Destructo

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Baron Badcock finds Destructo sleeping away and so he decides that he will have some fun with the stud.  First removing the sheet from the bed while he sleeps, next Baron decides that he will explore the sleeping hunk's body, taking great care not to wake the big man.  Legs, pecs and arms are fondled, unbeknownst to the sleeping Destructo and after he has finished sizing up the sleeping giant, a huge net falls trapping Destructo in it.
The thing about nets is, although they can be very difficult to get out of, pain travels well through them, and so the claws of the pecs and balls of Destructo do their damage, all while Destructo flails about trying to extricate himself from the net.  Just as he is about to escape the clutches, Baron reveals a bottle of chloroform and Destructo is once again in slumbertown.  As his opponent is sleeping, Baron begins the second phase of his humiliation and begins to strip Destructo of his singlet.
He doesn't get it completely off before Destructo reawakens though.  However, the hero's rise is short-lived as every time he attempts to mount a defense on Baron Badcock, the chloroformed towel reappears and Destructo once again falls victim to it's dangerous fumes.  Time after time Baron thrusts the towel in Destructo's face, just to see all the life depart.  At one point Baron manages to almost get the singlet off, exposing Destructo's ass to his sadistic whims.  Several more trips to dreamland befall our hero however, and Destructo barely knows what hit him with the furious onslaught of pain and torture Badcock brings.  If you enjoy seeing a big many totally manhandled by a much smaller (but wilier) individual, this video is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 59 seconds

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