Bam Bam Bossio vs. Jacob Van Acker (My Nuts, Bro)

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It's been a while since we have seen Jacob Van Acker in a W4H ring.  He has really bulked up and added upper body mass.  We find him stretching in the ring, preparing for his next opponent.  Across the ring, is Bam Bam Bossio, preparing in his own way, making plans on his phone for what he will do after the match, which he predicts will be in approximately 20 minutes. Once he finishes, he then takes out a nice spray bottle and sprays himself with water, giving his body a nice gleam and shine to it.  When Jacob tries to get the match started, Bam Bam uses the bottle in a shot to Jacob's head and the battle is joined!
Bam Bam does not have enough good things to say...about himself, of course.  His attacks on Jacob are relentless, until at one point Jacob's chest begins to turn red.  Nipple twists enhance the pain and soon Jacob is back on the mat, his beating being live-streamed to Bam Bam's followers!  Full nelsons give way to low blows and soon Jacob is back on the mat, in agonizing pain, while Bam Bam is forcing him to say some very humiliating things to his livestream.  Another application of the spray bottle has Bam Bam glistening once again, ready for the finale.
Just when Bam Bam was ready to finalize his punishment of Jacob, Jacob happens to make fun of the image on Bam Bam's phone screen which only serves to enrage Bam Bam and egg him on to deliver and more punishment to the hurting Van Acker.  You must see the final message Bossio gives, leaving Jacob to wonder if maybe just adding more bulk is not enough if you don't know how to use it effectively.  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 04 seconds

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Great Return

Big fan of the meaty jacob van jobber and happy to see him back in the ring! First i've seen of Bossio in action and look forward to seeing more of him

Welcome Back Jacob!

I'm very happy to see the return of Jacob Van Acker, and I'm even happier with his new bulked-up bod! I love to see thicc pretty boys in tight speedos on the receiving end of domination and humiliation, so this video was an instant purchase for me! I hope there's plenty more of the new Jacob coming up in future releases!

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