Bam Bam Bossio vs. Chase Sinn

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For a new guy, Bam Bam Bossio certainly does not have a problem with any doubts or butterflies.  He exudes positivity in his own skills and abilities inside the squared circle.  As we join him here, he is spraying himself with water, admiring his muscles especially the way they glisten as they are sprayed.  Chase Sinn enters and tries to explain to Bam Bam the way things are....he has been wrestling since before Bam Bam was born, and, as such, feels a certain amount of respect is due him.  Although he never expresses it directly, Bam Bam disagrees.
The pair lock up several times feeling each other out, a series of moves and counter moves designed to probe for any weaknesses.  Figure four leg-locks turn into sharpshooters and back to leg locks, each gaining momentary advantage over their opponent, just to see it disappear just as quickly.  This is mat wrestling at its best!  It is not until one combatant catches the other off-guard with an out of the corner tornado DDT that the victor finally becomes apparent in this contest.
The moves are fast and furious, the action will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Will newcomer Bam Bam come in and totally upset Chase Sinn's world, or will Chase continue his domination over all opponents, especially the newest of the W4H stable?  I can guarantee that you won't know who will win until the very last moment.  A spectacular debut for Bam Bam Bossio and a tour de force of professional wrestling from a pair or ring professionals.  This one is a definite keeper!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes, 43 seconds

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