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Alex versus Logan Scion

Oftentimes when our wrestlers get together in a hotel, they tend to share the same hotel room, which obviously means that they share the same bedroom.  Here we have Logan Scion and Alex both on their phones when Logan tells Alex that he needs to leave because Logan has a girl coming over.  Well, that normally would be fine, except that Alex also wants the room to entertain a girl as well. 

What to do?  Logan suggests a leg wrestling match, and as he is teaching Alex just how it works, he instead jumps on top of Alex and begins choking him.  He would not leave the room to chance (especially since Alex is somewhat bigger than he is).  What follows is a series of humiliating moves, from schoolboy pins, to wedgies, to a final leg scissor, where one combatant is put to sleep with his face in his opponent's crotch. 

Only one person will get the use of the bedroom tonight, no word and where the other wrestler went, or where he slept, but I assume he put on som clothes before he went out.  A great battle between two playful grapplers that I am sure you will enjoy!

Total running time:  21 minutes, 27 seconds

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