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John Bronco versus Slayer

There is something about when two big muscular guys get together that they have to get in each other's faces.  Chest to chest, the full alpha males coming out, ready to prove they are superior to their opponent.  This is the case when Bronco meets Slayer.  

Both very muscular with impressive upper bodies, it is no surprise that the first moves each attempts on their opponents are bearhugs.  Both seem to have a desire to humiliate their opponent as well, as both execute incredible wedgies on their opponent at several times in their bout.  Neither is afraid to hit below the belt either, literally, as they both break out ball claws to incapacitate their opponent.  Oh, and one final similarity - both take the time to pose for the camera after they have executed an maneuver that has left their opponent in a weakened state. 

There are the sounds of flesh hitting flesh as spankings, chops and incredibly real blows to the head occur.  In the end, it is the one thing that most big men fall to - a lack of oxygen that does in one combatant.  It takes a lot of oxygen to keep those big bodies moving, and once one slaps on a sleeper hold, a big man can fall quickly.  Such is the case here.  But which one is it?  You'll have to watch to find out which of the behemoths goes down for the count.

Total running time:  20 minutes, 18 seconds

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