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Jessie Lee versus Shawn Duncan

Wrestlers sharing a hotel room together really should work out sleeping arrangements ahead of time. 

Jessie Lee is relaxing on the double bed, when Shawn Duncan emerges from the bathroom and is puzzled why Jessie is in the bed when he claims that he clearly made him aware that since he paid for the hotel room, he got the bed.  Jessie is unmoved by Shawn's pleas and so Shawn suggests a fight between the two for the right to sleep in the bed overnight.  It is clear that both Jessie and Shawn have some extensive underground wrestling experience and they both control their opponents at various times with some pretty credible holds and locks (oh, and aren't afraid to go for a low blow or two if they think it will he them an advantage). 

When one of the combatants falls victim to a sleeper hold, he is asked to say that the other wrestler has won the bed.  He refuses and the battle restarts.  In the end, it is in fact a sleeper hold that causes one grappler to put their opponent out, but, in a twist, the winner decides to let the person they just put to sleep keep the bed for the night, content in just having bested their opponent, and putting their foot firmly in the chest of their sleeping wrestler as they pose for the camera. 

Two very similar wrestlers going at it tooth and nail!

Total running time:  25 minutes, 37 seconds


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