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Johnny Greco versus Shawn Duncan

The wrestlers from W4H should do some planning when they rent a hotel room.  First item of business?  Who gets which bed.  If they did that ahead of time, so many of the fights that occur over who gets the biggest bed would be taken care of beforehand. 

Johnny Greco is first into the bedroom and figures he has squatters rights, but Shawn Duncan soon enters and informs him that, no, the bed will be his instead.  A battle ensues with the winner getting the bed and the loser sleeping God knows where.  Both grapplers take turns controlling the bout, with Shawn bending Johnny in ways I doubt he has been bent before, putting immense pressure on his lower back, and Johnny smothering Shawn with a pillow until he goes unconscious.  The problem with what Johnny has done?  He wakes Shawn back up, and that gives Shawn the opportunity to use his years of experience to put Johnny down for good with a final sleeper hold that causes Johnny to drift off. 

So although Johnny may be sleeping on the bed at the end of the match, I doubt Shawn will let him stay there once the camera has gone off.  Shawn fought for the bed, and he is going to use every inch!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 1 second

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