Austin Tyler vs. Jayden Mayne vs. Coleman Free (Outdoors)

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Austin Tyler and Coleman Free have their long, blonde hair up in manbuns. Clearly they’re expecting this fight to get dirty. Slender Jayden Mayne doesn’t question the dated hair choices. He’s too busy eating Tyler’s armpit and struggling to escape a backbreaking hold. Suddenly the two man bun men are grappling on the mats, looking like two style flops fighting for some sort of superlative. Jayden Mayne breaks up their battle, choking out Free from behind. Free breaks free, finding himself fighting both Mayne and Tyler in a brutal, biting battle. 

It’s gonna be a long, painful, nasty outdoor fight with switching alliances, twisted limbs, and bare feet used as weapons. Man buns come undone as mops of flowing locks are used for pulling heads into agonizing positions. Clearly Free and Tyler are the most evenly matched to fight one another, but Mayne’s demented hunger for pain drives him to apply some of the most painful holds ever executed in an outdoor match. 

Nature plays its' part, as sticks, dirt, and grass come into play, along with childish kicking and bad attitudes. These guys brawl like kids in a treehouse, and bicker over who won with equal immaturity. A fun three-way outside fight between some seriously twisted studs!

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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