Austin Tyler vs. Ethan Andrews

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Poised and ready to fight, both Ethan and Austin nervously approach each other. Both men are similar in build, legs and bodies defined there is no clear advantage. It’s agreed by both to have a nice, clean fight. That doesn’t stop Ethan from making the first move, a kick to Austin's crotch. While Austin is hunched over, Ethan uses this opportunity to wrap his strong arms around Austin's head and squeeze him tightly into his armpit. However, Austin was able to slip his arm in the hold and make his counter attack. He twists Ethan's arm back exposing his abs.

Ethan jabs Austin in his abs fiercely before throwing him to the ground and putting him in a tight choke hold. You can hear Austin choking as Ethan can do whatever he wants with him at this point. Ethan is in total control. He changes positions to put Austin in a leg lock. Even though Austin is not in a good position he still tries to slap and resist his opponents embrace.

He probably shouldn't have done that though. Ethan did not appreciate that. He gets up and grabs roughly onto Austin's neck and jerks him to the corner of the ring positioning his body against the poll. Austin can only try to push Ethan away. He struggle he is putting up is valiant but Ethan is giving no mercy as he throws himself against Austin's body, twisting, and contorting him limbs through the ropes. This fight is definitely in Ethan's favor as he makes little effort to demonstrate his wrestling experience.

Austin is really trying to come back from this but Ethan is unrelenting. Austin can’t help but lay on the ground and take this punishment from Ethan. Ethan at one point grabs ahold of Austin’s hair and makes his way up the pole like king kong climbing a skyscraper. In this match, Ethan is really the king. This was not a fair fight from the start… and the ending well, you just have to watch and see.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 25 seconds

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