Austin Cooper vs. Nathan FX (Oil Bash)

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Nathan FX holds the odd distinction of always wearing shoes and socks when he wrestles...even in the oil pit. This time around it’s white tube socks getting all oily as he rolls around with big and beefy Austin Cooper. In matching lime green speedos, every single muscle pops out and looks incredible, showcasing the difference between skinny, almost gangly Nathan vs. Austin’s killer guns and thighs. 

The slippery situation makes it hard for these guys to get legit holds on one another, but Nathan finds himself trapped between Austin’s thighs. Austin’s bare feet point and flex with dexterity in the oil, while Nathan’s sopping wet shoes kick uselessly as he struggles against the bigger man. It’s a brutal, painful punishment session in the slimy that includes Austin sitting on Nathan’s face like a champ!  

Total Runtime - 19 minutes, 44 seconds

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