Austin Cooper vs. KARN (Knock Outs)

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Austin Cooper is preparing for his next match as Karn enters the ring. Austin is arrogant, sure he can win easily. Karn stays calm, telling Austin that he will sleeper him 6 times in the next 15 mins. Austin doesn't take him serious and turns his back to Karn. 

Big Mistake!!! As Karn takes the opportunity and immediately puts Austin in a Sleeper hold. Karn starts talking as Austin tries to get free. But no chance. He gets weaker and weaker every moment. Karn takes his time. When Austin is on the edge of passing out he frees him for a moment just to lock him in again in an other version of the Sleeper hold, Full Nelson and other moves. After the first knock out he wakes him up and goes on and on. Playing and having fun with Austin's big body getting destroyed over and over again. Counting every knockout until the 5th.

Austing can't stop being arrogant so Karn makes is promise of 6 knockhouts true and launches 1 last and hard attack on Austin knocking him out with a Face-to-Face Sleeper hold and leaving the ring

It is incredibly hot to see Austins hot body getting knocked out again and again. If you love one-sided squash matches on hot wrestlers with many knockouts that is the match for you to buy!!!

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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