Austin Cooper vs. Joey Nux

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Austin Cooper is as sexy as ever and is even sporting a little facial scruff to add to his sex appeal. He’s wearing white boots and white trunks with red trim. This man has timeless handsome looks that help add to his loyal fan base. Joey Nux is tall, handsome and built like a rock. With his huge muscles, black boots, and black trunks with white trim, he’s quite intimidating. Austin is well-built and very strong, but Joey towers over him. Austin has significant wrestling experience on the mats as well as in the ring, but this guy is like a lumberjack. 

Austin is a tough, experienced wrestler. He knows what he’s up against and how to handle himself in a ring, but he’s facing a massive wall of muscle. He manages to get a few holds on this monster of a man, but for the most part, Joey is manhandling Austin in the early stages of the match. As this hulk stalks Austin as he’s laying in the corner, Austin pulls himself up and gets a shot into Joey’s package that brings the big man down hard. Austin has an impressive reputation as a wrestler and he’s not about to be a jobber, even for this immense mass of muscle. An atomic knee drop from Austin inflicts further punishment to Joey’s manhood and has him flat on his back in the middle of the ring. 

Joey takes the punishment from Austin for a while, but eventually has enough. He quickly takes charge of Austin and gets two submissions from him. Austin is tossed around like a sack of potatoes as Joey completely dominates him at this point. He does make a feeble attempt at a comeback, but ends up screaming out another submission. With Austin laying flat in the middle of the ring, Joey pretentiously puts his foot on Austin’s abs, gives his victory flex for the camera, then exits the ring. 

To all the twinks, jobbers, and wanna-be-wrestlers at W4H, pay attention to this match. If you foolishly request a match against Joey Nux, be prepared for the beating of your life. If he dominated a savvy ring veteran like Austin Cooper, he’ll probably destroy you. You’ve been warned.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 40 seconds

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