Austin Cooper vs. Jaxton Wheeler (Sleepers)

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It’s been said before, and should be said again: Jax Wheeler is the man most of us are still hoping to grow up to be. Freeze any one of his poses. The dude’s a beast, and he just keeps getting stronger and better. That hairy body, rippling with muscle and’s hard to look away. Too bad Wheeler looks way, as he rotates to give the camera a taste of that powerful ass. 

Austin Cooper attacks, clamping his own strapping biceps around Wheeler’s throat. The hairy giant’s unconscious within seconds, which gives Cooper all the advantage he needs in this sensual sleeper scuffle! Two titans tangling with Cooper on top, inflicting humiliating wedgies and schoolboy pins, savage sleepers, barbaric Boston crabs, and killer camels!

There’s a poetic beauty to watching a hairy giant get ground into the floor by a merciless mate. 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 22 seconds

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