Austin Cooper vs. Brad Barnes (Amateur Wrestle)

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Singlets and headgear in the ring are a rarely seen phenomenon. Austin Cooper (red) and Brad Barnes (black) take us back to the basics of gentlemanly collegiate wrestling, locking up as amateurs have since time immemorial. Strapping Barnes with his superhero chin and rock-hard, black smithian physique gets Cooper with a nice ankle pin that blossoms into a series of take-downs and rolls that has each guy panting within minutes. 

A touch of freestyle works its way into the match, as Barnes succeeds in wearing Cooper out with plenty of well-placed legwork and grappling. 

“I haven’t been pinned in fifteen years,” Cooper struggles to say between gasping breaths, reminding us why so little trash talk takes place during amateur matches. Barnes extends a measure of sportsmanship, allowing Cooper to take a break. The ever-devious Cooper exploits the opportunity by urging Barnes to allow him to take top position with Barnes in the referee position. Barnes gives in to the challenge, but it doesn’t help Cooper. Something about watching Cooper struggle and fail is downright thrilling, although Barnes betrays no bravado. 

But Cooper’s temper gets the better of him, as nuts take a beating and headgear gets ripped out. Suddenly sportsmanlike Barnes finds himself in the most humiliating of holds, ass spread wide in a brutal spladle. Singlets are stripped off, or peeled away, revealing powerful muscles ready for a more rambunctious battle, complete with bondage, strangulation, and a powerful commentary on the savage struggle between amateur grappling and pro wrestling.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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