Austin Cooper vs. Blake Starr (Oil Bash)

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Bald and beefy Austin’s pale skin shimmers in the light as he coats lean and cut Blake Starr with layer upon layer of slick oil. Soon the beefy brawler and the sinewy scrapper are fighting over the bottle of oil and flexing like studs. Starr’s muscles ripple under the slithery oil as these two very different body types slip and slide around the oil pit, hot bodies colliding and gripping with everything they’ve got. 

Austin locks onto Blake like a monkey, holding the slender stud still while sprays and squirts of oil hit him from off camera. Austin knows that in an oil match it’s easy for your opponent to slip away, and he’s not about to let that happen. Even with all that oil, Austin is still able to put the hurting holds on Blake, scoring taps on the proud, slippery loser. 

Total Run-time - 19 minutes, 7 seconds

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