Austin Cooper vs. Alex Oliver vs. Chet Chastain (Basement Battle)

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Big and beefy Austin Cooper clearly loves his manly physique. With less definition and more brute strength to offer, Cooper lunges and flexes like a powerhouse farm lad grown strong from hard work. Alex Oliver offers a different aesthetic in terms of physical perfection. His build is youthful, lean, like a younger Cameron Matthews. Chet Chastain offers a similar physique of natural musculature, with the added bonus of a seasoned wrestler backing up that strength. The flawless face and mint green hair doesn't hurt either. 

A playful gun show between these three dudes leads to some locker room banter, which naturally leads to a tussle between grinning friends...hey, it's what these guys do best. Chastain suffers a well-deserved hair pulling punishment in response to his bragging. Soon he's being straddled, scissored, and strangled by his two buddies, in a rough and tumble battle for bragging rights that feels like a weekend living room match between playful buds. 

The number of different three-way holds these pros manage to build are staggering, as alliances are formed, broken, and formed again, attackers become voyeurs, and victims become victors!

Total Run-time: 29 minutes

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