Austin Cooper vs. Alex Oliver

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The gentlemanly sport of arm wrestling has been in decline in the past century, but bodacious bruiser buddies Cooper and Oliver bring it back with a vengeance with straining supremacy. The beefier Cooper endures Oliver's insults with grace, and cool aggression, slinging Oliver over his shoulders and ramming him into every wall he can find. 

With a calm knee to the gut, Cooper finds himself on the receiving end of some serious pressure, then ordered to apologize for his attitude while in the clutches of a glorious camel clutch that will make your back hurt just watching it happen. 

Legs are tangled and twisted, always to Oliver's sobbing misfortune. Oliver's head is thrown back in agony again and again, until he is forced to tap out using his head, as his hands are occupied by Cooper's crushing body. Can Oliver get to his feet, or will Cooper's grinning superiority reign supreme?

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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