Austin Cooper (POV)

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In 2012, an experiment was attempted in the world of wrestling. Ever dream of stepping into the ring with a seasoned pro? Austin Cooper is waiting for you to get face-to-face with him. Coach Cooper teaches a lesson to a less than willing student...who happens to be wearing a camera, one that permits every moment of the hot, hostile confrontation to be captured in perfect point of view. 

Cooper meets your eyes directly, his face a picture of disappointment. It’s time you learned your lesson. Suddenly, you are treated to an up close view of Cooper’s armpits, so close you can practically feel his massive hands yanking your head into a painful hold. You are punched, leg locked, smacked, and pinned beneath Cooper’s legendary, boulder-like pectorals, your own suffering, labored breathing rasping so realistically. Cooper catches you in a sleeper, his voice ringing in your ear. 

You watch in horror as your legs are stretched like taffy...pull away in pain as Cooper’s ass sits squarely upon your chest. He stands, lording over you with those incredible thighs. Get an up close and personal taste of Cooper’s sneakered foot in your abs, so close you can practically count every flaxen hair on his legs. Your legs intertwine with his, in a glorious closeup of bone-on-bone, skin-on-skin, all leading up to a finger torture session that you can feel every moment of. With your face in Cooper’s crotch, you give...only to remember you’re safe at home.

NOTE: This was a fun experiment I hope gives fans the feel of stepping in the ring. Like all experiments, the end result is not always flawless. The sound balance is uneven at times, as is the resolution. But the thrill of getting so close to a dynamic wrestler like Austin Cooper is certainly preserved herein for any open-minded fan to experience! 

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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