Atomic Arrow vs. Dr. Maniacal

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Dr. Maniacal, a rotund evil villain whose latest plot is to burn the entire city to the ground. His maniacal laughter is interrupted by the caped do-gooder, Atomic Arrow.

Dr Maniacal is one of the top villains in the city after-all and Atomic Arrow is a small rookie superhero. Maniacal is full of dastardly tactics to keep our superhero down and believe he will put them all to good use - from nipple torture, spanking, eye rakes, fish hooks and all the way to some of most devastating cock claws ever seen.

It's classic David vs. Goliath but this time David (played by the hero Atomic Arrow) has no chance at saving the city. The much larger villain completely dominates and humiliates his foe with head-crushing holds and powerful lifts. Dr. Maniacal takes real joy in torturing the nipples of his lean, muscled opponent and even laughs like an evil madman as he is in control. 

Dr. Maniacal rips off the superhero briefs of Atomic Arrow to reveal a bright red thong that shows off his impressive physique. Now, the intensity picks up. It's amazing that Atomic Arrow's superhero cock doesn't get pulled right off his body. The agony just watching!

Big boy villain places lean hero hunk over his knee to administer some spankings that are well-deserved and expertly placed. The hero suffers but he can't give up...and Dr. Maniacal won't let him either. MWHAHAHA!

Atomic Arrow is beaten, battered, nearly naked and absolutely humiliated...but it's not even done yet. Tune in to find out all the juicy bits to this superhero battle and to watch a real villain tear apart a rookie hero!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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Sebastian Rivers

Zach Reno should wear tiny speedos and thongs in his upcoming matches with lots of ball busting.


Wrestler4Hire's Ultimate Supervillain Dr. Maniacal is back...with a vengeance! This uber evil, rampaging monster heel is up to even more sadistic superhero destruction than ever in this video, and his absolute domination and eventual annihilation of his hapless, overwhelmed prey is a thrill to behold. The Good Doctor is a burly, brutal, and bearishly handsome bad guy who is bent on ridding the world of the self-righteous do-gooders who stand in the way of his sinister, megalomaniacal plans...and the clueless little foe he faces here soon realizes that he is totally and utterly doomed. Dr. Maniacal's glee is contagious as he cruelly punishes and berates Atomic Arrow (who, to his credit, does a great job of selling the abuse he receives at the mighty and merciless hands of Doc M.) and his holds, moves, and maneuvers are diabolically creative and is the verbal abuse he unleashes on his completely overwhelmed and inferior opponent. Dr. Maniacal's most unexpected secret weapon is his quick wit...his running torrent of wiseass comments and comedic insults just adds to the tremendous fun of this clip. I also love the way W4H and The Good Doctor aren't afraid to explore truly dark themes and ideas, did the hulking beast actually IMMOLATE his vanquished victim at the conclusion of this confrontation...and am I wrong to hope that he DID?! This is a truly amazing video, which leaves me wondering...where do I apply to be one of Dr. Maniacal's minions, or better yet, one of his HENNCHMEN...BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA?!!!

Alex Starr
Handsome Hero Destruction

Loved this one! Zach is perfect at the valiant but doomed Atomic Arrow. He is the perfect determined, ripped, and stunningly handsome hero. Dr. Maniacal is the ultimate big, nasty villain. Fun scenario, great gear and suffering by Zach throughout. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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