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Nathan FX versus Elite Eliot

Word to wise, always get things in writing. 
In this video we have Eliot Elite and Nathan FX doing some workouts, pushups, sit ups, with Eliot having the clear advantage in the total number of pushups but Nathan clearly besting Elite in sit ups.  But here is where the written part is important.  As the two are talking afterwards, it becomes an obvious source of tension of exactly who is training who.  Eliot believes he is training Nathan and Nathan believes he is training Eliot.  Both demand payment from the other for their services.  When they can't come to an amicable solution, Nathan decides to leave and that is when Eliot slaps on a sleeper hold to try and extract the payment from Nathan however he can.
The two go back and forth, slamming each other around the apartment, using a water bottle as a weapon, and basically doing whatever they can to their opponent to prove that they are right.  Hold after hold are applied, reversed and then reversed again adding as much punishment as they can to try and get the other to admit they are the student and should be paying up.  It is only when one falls victim to a final sleeper hold that the other goes out, and the victor exclaims, "I'm off to find your wallet now and take my payment."  But which is the winner?  You'll have to watch to find out!
Total running time:  26 minutes, 56 seconds

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