American Missile vs. Green Fang

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The evil mastermind, Green Fang has plans for the America, and nothing is going to stand in his way!  Nothing, that is, except for the country's protector - the American Missile, who stand for truth and justice in an otherwise unfair and evil world.  Appearing just in the nick of time to stop the dastardly villain's plans, the American Missile shows that he has what it takes to stop even the worst evildoers there are.  Trapping Green Fang's arm behind his back, delivering blows to his midsection and sending him off the ropes for clothesline, the American Missile begins to soften up Green Fang.
However, there is one thing that the American Missile may not realize about his arch-nemesis, he has the power to stop time!  With a simple wave of his hand, Green Fang stops the American Missile dead in his tracks, and with our hero now paralyzed, he is open to whatever evil machinations Green Fang has in mind.  There is nothing the American Missile can do to defend against this, and the battle turns on this moment.  Forced into devastating and painful holds, our hero can only now scream in pain as he is the recipient of backbreakers, camel clutches, claws and whatever else Green Fang can think up.
As any villain worth their weight can tell you, it is not enough to defeat the hero, you have to humiliate them as well.  Green Fang has a plan for that as well.  During one of the times he has frozen the American Missile in time Green Fang strips his of his star spangled speedo down to just a patriotic g-string.  Virtually naked, the American Missile is strangled, nearly knocked unconscious from a powerful sleeper hold, and force fed his blue star spangled speedo, all for Green Fang's pleasure.  Although we don't know if Green Fang is off to complete his conquering of the world at the end of the video, we do know that he will face no more resistance from the American Missile, who is left helpless lying in the middle of the ring!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  28 minutes, 01 seconds

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