American Boy vs. Micro Marvel

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American Boy has found the chemicals that Micro Marvel intends to use in his dastardly scheme.  But the villain is nowhere to be found.  Suddenly from behind comes Micro Marvel to deliver a low blow and then rend our hero unconscious with some well-placed chloroform.  Our villain's goal is to keep is enemy unconscious for as long as he can, and so every time that American Boy appears to be coming around, Micro Marvel either applies a hard sleeper hold or forces the chloroform soaked rag back into his face, putting him out once more.
American Boy attempts several defenses but between the unrelenting onslaught of our villain and the dizziness from the chloroform he is just unable and Micro Marvel retains his edge over him.  Not content to just keep him unconscious, Micro Marvel also places our hero in a series of powerful wrestling holds - full nelsons, Boston crabs and more leave our hero screaming in pain.  When even those won't keep our hero down, Micro Marvel puts his power ring on his hand and delivers an incredible left punch to our hero's head.
Our hero seems as though his fate is predetermined.  Will he forever be at the mercy of Micro Marvel?  Or might he find a way to break free from the endless cycle of being knocked unconscious, then awakened, just to be knocked unconscious again.  It doesn't look good for American Boy?  The final indignation is one last act of stuffing the chloroform rag into the helpless hero's face, as he breathes the toxic liquid, draining him of his every will and faculty.   Will anyone come to save our hero?  It doesn't look good!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  16 minutes, 02 seconds

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