All-American Boy vs. Golden Grip

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It is apparent from the get go that All-American Boy is wary of something.  As we find our hero, he is skulking through a junkyard of hazardous material, trying to be as silent and as "invisible" as possible.  It is not long, however, until our villain, Golden Grip is upon our hero and smothering a chloroform towel into the face of All-American Boy, rendering our hero unconscious.  Next handcuffed to the scaffolding in the junkyard, now Golden Grip can do whatever he pleases.  At first admiring the muscles of his captive, soon Golden Grip is stripping our hero of his costume, leaving him in just a black speedo, unable to escape.
Applying both a wedgie and a bearhug to our captured hero, all the All-American Boy can manage are grounds and moans of pain.  Another application of the chloroform soaked towel has our hero dazed even further and Golden Grip now handcuffs the Boy's other wrist to the scaffolding, completely immobilizing out hero.  Blows to the abdomen have All-American Boy feeling the pain and being humiliated by even more wedgies.  Standing and posing over the fallen hero, Golden Grip is confident that he will be able to utterly destroy his opponent.
Stripped even further to now just a blue thong, the elimination of gear does nothing to satisfy Golden Grip's desire for a wedgie.  Now pulled to virtually coming off, All-American Boy is virtually lifted due to the severity of the wedgies.  Once more handcuffed back to scaffolding, the ending is almost upon the helpless hero as Golden Grip has had enough of his plaything and backs off, just to pose and admire himself.  If you enjoy a tight, chiseled hero being totally manhandled by a big bulky villain, then this video is right up your alley!   Enjoy!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 03 seconds

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