All-American Boy vs. Dr. Maniacal

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Already tied up and hooded, All-American Boy is already at the mercy (or lack thereof) of Dr. Maniacal. Being interrogated by the doctor to determine the hero’s plan to save the city. His wrists tied above his head, the wholesome hero is forced to smell Dr. Maniacal’s armpits, and then subjected to repeated blows to his abdomen and punishing pec claws.

Finally released from his ropes, if All-American Boy thought things would get better for him, he is soon relieved of those notions. Stripped of his tights to just a blue thong, he has his balls grabbed and his thong pulled up to deliver even more pain….all the while asking, “Are you not humiliated yet?”. The Dr. quickly

determines that he likes the hero better tied up again and then he raises Drew back to a standing position.

His butt cheeks beet red, the Dr. then turns his attention to the hero's chest, abdomen and nipples. Once more released, a devastating camel clutch leaves him whimpering in pain on the mat. The Dr. has one final indignation for our hero however, when he takes the rope and places it around Drew’s balls and then uses the motor to lift him. All-American Boy finally succumbs to the pain and falls to the mat unconscious, with Dr. Maniacal standing over him victorious. An amazing ending!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes, 18 second

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