Alexander Greystroke vs. Danny Del Toro

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Alexander Greystroke is a special breed of fighter. This long haired hunk has a killer body which includes a powerful tattooed back and hairy chest, tight abs, and an epic ass...all made more tantalizing by the fact that he wears only a leopard print loincloth...hence the name Greystroke. Hot pro hunk Danny Del Toro ain’t impressed. 

“Are you here to wrestle or are you here to go swinging through some trees?” demands Danny. 

“I’m gonna be climbing through your jungle real quick!” counters the Tarzan wannabe. 

“I got a tree you could climb on!” barks Danny. 

Two sweaty bodies come slapping together. Threatening words and puffed out chests come crashing and bashing hard in what quickly proves to be a furious, hate-filled grappling match. Danny knows how to bring the catty brutality, stomping Greystroke’s abs and yanking his loincloth so hard up his ass you can feel it through the screen. Greystroke is twisted up in ropes and in Danny’s legs, as he attempts to squirm out of each painful grip. 

Danny yanks monkey boy’s legs through the ropes, abusing his balls on the rope and later choking him with a red thread. Greystroke’s flawless body looks incredible as the sweat begins to pour down his neck and chest. Danny applies a Boston crab, ball crushing claws, finger stomps, and even beats on fake Tarzan’s chest before finally taking him back to the jungle of pain. There may be no more dynamic new wrestler than the highly entertaining and totally abusive Danny Del Toro, and there may be nobody more deserving of a beating than Alexander Greystroke!

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 59 seconds

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Francisco Carlos
Poor Tarzan Boy!

I love see Tarzan in much pain and suffering! Fantastic and erotic wrestle!

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