Alex Oliver vs. Zach Reno

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When Alex Oliver ties up with Zach Reno, there are no pretenses. No claims of superiority. Not nonsense. Just two ripped and rambunctious rasslers doing what they do best. Reno practically rips Oliver in half within the first minute of the match, applying pressure to one end of his bent thigh while matching it with equal pressure on the back of his neck. The moans of agony are enough to send shock-waves of pain through the frame of any viewer. 

Reno never misses an opportunity to flex those fierce biceps whenever Oliver crumbles to the floor in weakened patheticness. Reno attack’s Oliver’s neck, abs, legs, and chest with equal thoroughness and hawkish heartlessness. 

While Oliver is reeling in the corner of the ring, Reno climbs up behind him, crushing his windpipe, only to allow the bitch to tumble once again to the floor like a soggy scarecrow. Reno stands on the ropes like a king surveying his kingdom, only to slither that legendary hairy body over to Oliver to wind him up in his legs, arms, thighs, and roll across the mat with a level of playful abandon rarely seen in matches today. It’s a brutal, and beautifully applied squash job between two strong and silent combatants.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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