Alex Oliver vs. Joey Angel & Alvin James

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Alex Oliver must have searched long and hard for what might easily be the smallest pair of Speedos he could fit into. That said, he looks damn good. Scrappy, sexy Alvin James bounds into the ring alongside Joey Angel, complete with those rock hard biceps we all know and love. James lovingly arranges the details for a nice, even fight between Oliver and Angel, stepping back to enjoy the view of Angel pinning Oliver like a bitch. Abs are crushed. Chests are pounded. Legs are wrenched back beautifully. 

James watches in pure pleasure, advising the not-so-angelic Angel on how to apply a camel clutch, climbing aboard the now weakened Oliver and yanking that jaw back as far as it will go, grinning like a boss all the while. 

Oliver is passed back and forth like the bitch he always ends up being, in this brilliantly paced exchange of power and wrestling styles. Handsome James offers the small, mean, nasty moves that leave Oliver physically humiliated, while Angel, ala Frankenstein’s Monster, obeys Master James’ commands to put on the pain. If you’re really into one dude watching while two dudes fight before him, this match offers that obsession over and over again!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 44 seconds

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