Alex Garcia vs. Gabe Steele

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There was a time, no so long ago, that Gabe Steele was the "newbie" in the underground wrestling scene.  Since that time, he has evolved and developed into one of the more seasoned grapplers to step into the squared circle.  However, one thing he does not abide is someone who is late.  So when we find him here, in the ring alone, stretching and getting ready for his next opponent, he begins to get just a little miffed that his opponent has not yet arrived.  So when Alex Garcia walks into the ring, not even in his gear, sporting a towel around his neck, Gabe's blood pressure shoots through the roof.
To say that Gabe is a bit offended would be an understatement, and he immediately begins delivering blow after blow to Alex's back and uses the towel to choke out the new guy.  A bodyslam to the mat later and once again Gabe is upon Alex, breaking out his full repertoire of moves, both legal and illegal.  Ripping the t-shirt off the dazed Garcia, and then stripping him of his black shorts, soon we have a weakened Garcia in a very tiny blue posing suit which leaves little to the imagination.  Garcia is tossed around like a rag doll by the bigger and more experienced Steele, who picks up the new guy and puts him over his shoulder for a back breaker.
But that's not enough for Gabe.  The over the shoulder back breaker gives way to an over the knee back breaker, which exposes Alex's crotch to an prolong ball grab.  Thrown into the corner, Alex is then the recipient of several devastating shoulders from the hardened body of Gabe.  When the end does come, it is in the form of a tombstone piledriver, which leaves Garcia unconscious on the mat.  Alex may be new to the game, but I can guarantee you he will
1.) Never be late for another match and
2.) Probably never accept another match against Gabe Steele.  A one sided beatdown the likes of which is seldom seen!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 46 seconds

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