Alex Garcia vs. Blake Starr (Spanking)

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Alex Garcia and Blake Starr are in the ring, getting prepped for their match.  Stretching, jumping jacks, pushups all get the blood flowing and the muscles loosened before the pair lock up.  Not only does the blood start to flow, but so does the trash talking.  Putting their opponent down, claiming their muscles are weak or flabby, talking themselves up.  When the shirts and shorts are finally discarded, what is left are two very impressive male specimens, no matter what the other wrestler would have you believe.  As you look at the pair, you are right to expect big things!
When the pair do lock up, it is Blake with advantage here, as he has more experience in the ring than Alex.  However, Alex has learned much in his short time, and before long he is placing Blake in some power moves.  Alex focuses on Blake's lower back as he slaps on a prolonged bearhug.  Blake does his best to try and squirm out, but Alex is determined and although Blake escapes momentarily, Alex slaps on the bearhug again and again until Blake finally submits.  In return, Blake figures what is good for the goose is good for the gander and slaps on some bearhugs himself, with an added twist.
Once Alex has been weakened enough, with the air leaving his lungs, he drops down and Blake places Alex over his knew for some extended wedgie work (with a few spanks thrown in for good luck).  This finally gets a submission from Alex and the match is all square.  The final fall is a bevy of wedgies, spanking, ab claws, trapping your opponent in the ring ropes and corner, and whatever else they can think of.  In the end, one wrestler is face down on the mat, his speedo wedged up his ass crack, his opponent standing tall delivering one final spank for good luck!  Two young muscled studs putting on a wedgie clinic!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  28 minutes, 23 seconds

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