AJ Black vs. Scrappy 2021 (Oil Wrestling)

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AJ Black has fought Scrappy before.  Although he hasn't had much success in the past, here, in this oil match, AJ may have the ultimate equalizer in the form of baby oil.  For oil allows even the most outmatched individual to squirm free from much bigger, much more powerful individuals.  It can be tough to keep someone pinned when they are covered in oil, especially a smaller wily guy like AJ.  Has AJ finally found the recipe to success?  Not if Scrappy has anything to say about it.
Scrappy has been doing this a long time, however, and he knows the ins and outs of an oil match better than most.  He understands that although oil does have a say in what happens, experience and strength still play an important role in the contest.  Leg scissors, full nelsons and leg locks all serve to give Scrappy a decided advantage as he takes it to the young AJ, who can barely stay in his yellow speedo.  Not to be outdone, AJ does take full advantage of the times the oil blunts Scrappy's offense and turns the tide on the veteran.
A blow for blow targeting each other balls manages to put both combatants on the mat for a short time, until one jumps up and makes their final moves to secure the win.  As a result, the loser is forced to oil up the winners pecs while they trash talk in the loser's face.  As always, every glistening moment in this Oil Bash showcases each inch of the wrestler's bodies in a way few other matches can.  While there is a winner and loser in this bout, as a viewer, I can guarantee you will be a definite winner!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes, 22 seconds

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