Ace Owens vs. Wes Ratchett & Caleb Klein

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Who did poor Ace Owens piss off in the front office to deserve this?  Ace is a lean muscled face, thrown into the ring with Ratchett and Klein, two long-time wrestling heels who are built like proverbial brick shithouses.  No one will blame you if you think Ratchett just got out of prison.  All those tats and those wild eyes and unpredictable temper certainly make you wonder where the bodies might be buried.  Klein is a little more refined, but there’s no doubt he’s used to humiliating boys like Ace for sport.

Ratchett and Klein trade off trying to one up each other in how much pain they can put Ace through.  Ace is dropped, punched, and slammed, and the heels are relishing it all.  At one point, they get Ace into a dual vertical suplex, and just hold him there, the blood rushing into his head, and the veins popping in his neck.  The heels are so dominant, they can contemplate and decide which punishing move will come next, as Ace gasps for breath on the mat.  You are treated to backbreakers, choke holds, elbow and knee drops, surfboards, and more than a few fireman’s carries, which will only lead to bone crushing drops.  

The brutality here is deliberately drawn out, making the match a true primer for any sadist looking for tips.  The humiliation never stops and Ace is completely submitted and he may even have to kiss their feet to get the pain to stop.

Run Time 21 minutes, 6 seconds

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