Ace Owens vs. Teddy Trouble (Last Man Standing)

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A Last Man Standing match can be quite severe, with each wrestler giving all he has to inflict as much pain and punishment to his opponent. After each submission, the wrestler has to a count of 10 to get himself up off the mat. When there are two equally-matched wrestlers, these matches can be brutal. When there’s a ruthless heel going up against an inexperienced jobber, “brutal” doesn’t being to describe it. Once again, Ace failed to research his opponent. For this Last Man Standing match, he’s facing none other than Teddy Trouble. Ace doesn’t realize that a last name of “Trouble” could easily spell serious trouble for him. He’s not wrestling someone named Teddy Bear, someone cute and cuddly, but Teddy Trouble, someone unmerciful, callous, and ruthless in his treatment of other wrestlers. 

Ace shows up looking like a cute little twink in his gold trunks, royal blue knee pads and white boots. Teddy has on shiny lime green trunks which are stuffed so tightly that there’s almost nothing left to the imagination, as well as black knee pads and boots. We have a cute little butterball of a ref who has the unenviable task of attempting to keep Teddy from killing or seriously injuring his rookie opponent. With Teddy Trouble’s short temper, we wouldn’t want to be the one telling him to back-off or he’ll get disqualified. 

Teddy attacks Ace before the bell rings, even shoving Ace into the corner when he’s trying to do a pre-match promo. Teddy equally intimidates the ref early in the match, so much so that he frequently puts his hands up in show of submission and inferiority to Teddy’s size, strength, and attitude. We can’t blame the ref for that. Teddy has Ace’s head and body flopping around like a ragdoll, with his mop of hair going all over the place. Maybe Ace should use the ring name of Ace “Mop Head” Owens. To his credit, Ace does manage to pull himself up off the mat within milliseconds of the 10-count several times. That’s about the best he’s able to do in this match. Teddy relaxes up against the ropes while Ace attempts to get up, but as soon as he’s off the mat, the punishment continues. A particularly vicious piledriver leaves Ace completely dazed, but Ace somehow manages to barely get off the mat, only to have Teddy grab him by the mop and give him an even more harsh body slam. OUCH! It was so harsh that Ace is unable to get up this time, giving the victory to very sexy, but equally cruel Teddy Trouble. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 28 seconds

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