Ace Owens vs. KARN (Super Villain)

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Preternaturally beautiful Ace Owens lays upon a bed of crimson in a starfish position that only highlights his beautiful face and frame. As the camera circles around his fallen frame, we hear the familiar footfall of none other than Karn, easily the sexiest Super Villain in this wrestling-themed nether-sphere we occasionally visit. 

“So you’re the guy my lackeys caught. You don’t look like much,” says the rumbling voice. A pair of glossy black boots manage to kick some energy back into the fallen Owens. “’re still you’re gonna have to deal with me...” 

In addition to being a flawless physical specimen, like a young Karn in training, Owens has that most common of youthful inability to shut the fuck up and quit asking to get his ass beat. Fools who run their mouths wind up wounded, and KARN enjoys all the hair pulling, tormenting, beating, battering, dropping, dragging, strangling, kicking, cradling, and crushing the kid is just asking for in what is easily one of the hottest scenarios we’ve ever filmed. 

Physically superior man of the ring claws the shit out of the assholic kid in a punishment session that is 100% perfection...but it’s not total punishment. Owens gets a few nasty hits in there, which is no easy task when up against Karn. We can’t wait to see what this fierce upstart does in the future!

Total Run-time: 28 minutes

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