Ace Owens vs. Guido Genatto (Rip and Strip)

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Every W4H fan knows Guido leaves a path of destruction in the ring like a tornado leaves in a trailer park. He’s vicious, calculating and even a bit crazy (okay, a lot crazy). Hell, even the Boss is admittedly afraid of him. This begs the question, Why the hell would Ace Owens step in the ring with Guido, even if it is just for a training session? 

Guido is in the ring warming up in his red spiderweb trunks and barefoot. Ace shows up outside of the ring wearing unbuttoned jeans and sneakers. He says “Hey!” as he sheepishly asks if he can come in the ring and he hesitantly climbs through the ropes. He’s clearly nervous and he certainly has heard, if not witnessed the path of destruction, pain and agony the big hairy muscle Daddy from NYC has caused. That said, Guido is obviously annoyed at Ace for showing up in jeans and sneakers, as well as the mop of a haircut he’s sporting. 

Ace is subjected to some serious verbal abuse, but that pales in comparison to the physical abuse Guido is dishing out. Guido quickly threatens to snap Ace’s ankle and we’re not sure he won’t do it. Guido is f’ing crazy and he feels disrespected by Ace for showing up in “rodeo” clothes and clown hair. Guido’s superior size, strength, experience and skills dictate that there’s no need to use cheap tactics in order to win, but we all know that isn’t like him. After he rips the jeans off of Ace, he uses them to choke him. Brutal. F’ing brutal. Ace uses a couple of jobber punches to Guido’s gut, barely slowing him, then takes the jeans and throws them at Guido telling him to put them on. What a stupid move, Ace. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t poke the bear!”? Take a look at the bear you are poking. Dumbass! Ace continues to make smartass comments, resulting in more and more punishment. He’s ordered to put the jeans on again, but it isn’t long before Guido wants them off. This time Guido only lets Ace get them half-off, severely handicapping his ability to move or use his legs. If you look closely, you’ll see what appears to be some swelling in Ace’s blue underwear. Hmm, perhaps he is enjoying getting his ass handed to him. 

Perhaps the most humiliating moment in the match is when Ace is thrown into the corner and Guido gives him a stink-face by grinding his big hairy ass in Ace’s face. It doesn’t get much more degrading than that! Guido isn’t done punishing the young punk and continues his abuse. The more closely we look, the more certain we are that there’s something hard in Ace’s underwear. Looks like he’s enjoying the abuse on some level. Ace gets the jeans ripped off one more time and stupidly complains that he just bought them. He should be more worried about the cost of his medical expenses and necessary meds than the cost of some cheap-ass jeans. We lost count of the number of piledrivers Ace received, but the last one leaves him a quivering like jelly in the ring. A final close-up of Ace after the match has ended leaves little to the imagination as to what is in Ace’s underwear. Suffice to say that our earlier suspicions proved accurate. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 9 seconds

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