Ace Owens vs. Colin Havok vs. Travis Flash

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Found three new talents thanks to some fans and a few friends.

Travis Flash (5'11", 180 pounds) came as a suggestion from his road companion, Caleb Brand. I received a text message with a photo of Travis from Caleb a few weeks prior to a shoot in Chicago. Travis is a rookie pro wrestler, anxious to gain experience.

Ace Owens (5'8", 155 pounds) was a suggestion of a few fans. I tracked down his information his information through our mutual friend, KARN. Ace is a young man, who spends many weekends traveling to rural towns where he is the center of attention for a few dozen lucky fans.

Colin Havok (5'7", 150 pounds) is a Midwest boy. I was searching the internet for professional wrestlers in the region and was coming up pretty empty handed. Havoc was one of the few (less than a handful) of talents that I thought would work for the project that I had in mind.

Interesting fact, Havok and Ace Owens have shared numerous locker rooms.

These three audition in a match from this past summer in Chicago. We shot it in an old warehouse along a busy street. I made a trailer for this match, let me know what you think.

Which of the wrestlers do you prefer in this match?

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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