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Donevan versus Brian

I think in all the annals of the W4H film library, there may not have been two more perfect bodily specimens facing one another than Donevan and Brian.  Both incredibly toned and muscular, there is such primal energy in this match that other than the two deciding to have a match at the beginning, all you will hear from the combatants are mere moans and grunts as each vies for superiority over their opponent.  Power move after power move, back and forth the duo go, as we have bearhugs, arm bars, a boston crab and more as they move from facing each other standing to try to push their advantage as they hold their opponent on the mat.
Donevan gains the upper hand, strips Brian of his gold square cut trunks down to just a golden thong.  He then starts his attack on depriving Brian of breath, hoping that the more he can do that, the less likely the adonis will be able to put up a fight.  His tacics bear some fruit, as he is finally able to slap on a modified sleeper hold and watches as Brian slowly fades from consciousness, from standing to lying on his back as Donevan stands over him.  If you enjoy seeing two of the best pieces of "eye candy" in all the W4H stable, you will enjoy this match and then some!
Total running time:  21 minutes, 39 seconds

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