6-Man Tag Team Match

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It's not often that you get to see the likes of Cameron, Jonny Firestorm, Zach Reno, Austin Cooper, Guido Genatto and Tyler Alexander in the ring together.  So you know, when these six men are standing across from each other in the squared circle something special is about to happen.  With Cam, Austin and Ty on one team, and Jonny, Zach and Guido on the other, expect the action and pain to be fast, hard and furious.  Each of the teams picks their most technically gifted member to start, as Cameron goes against Jonny and the battle is joined.
Back and forth the advantage goes, with tag ins to fresh wrestlers followed by back breakers and suplexes, until finally a well placed superkick behind the referee's back sends one grappler to the mat.  He is able to tag out soon enough and the action seesaws some more.  In these type of matches, the worst place for a wrestler to be is in their opponents corner, where a virtual 3 on 1 can occur.  Unfortunately for Cameron, that is where he soon finds himself.  However, getting him in the corner and keeping him in your corner are two separate things, and although the do a good number on Cameron's balls (with the help of the ring post), Cameron, as usual, finds his back to his corner and tags out.
The action flies as you will be treated to whips from corner to corner that cause the individual to go flying out of the ring.  You will see a hurricanrana from the top rope, and multiple piledrivers and tombstones.  When one wrestler is finally pinned, his teammates abandon him and leave him at the other team's mercy.  Well, suffice to say, there is little mercy given, either for him or for the referee who suffers at the hands of Cameron as well.  6 stellar athletes, all who know their way around the ring, will delight and amaze you as they put on a 6 man tag match for the ages!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 50 seconds

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