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Brandon versus Elite Eliot & Nathan FX

When the trio of Brandon, Eliot Eliot and Nathan FX get together for some wrestling, it doesn't look good when Brandon fails to be in the gear that Eliot had texted him to wear.  While Elite and Nathan are both in some black Andrew Christian underwear, Brandon instead sports a yellow green pair which totally throws off the vibe.  Needless to say, Eliot and Nathan are going to let Brandon get away with it, and soon after the three get together, Eliot and Nathan set upon the outnumbered Brandon.  After a pair of head scissors, Eliot and Nathan begin working on Nathan's back and legs.
The duo then begin a relentless assault on the abs of Brandon, kicking him and punching him in his midsection repeatedly.  Brandon is not completely helpless, however, as he manages to inflict some pain on both Eliot and Nathan while also trying to ward off the other combatant.  Some well executed leg holds cause the attacking duo to back off momentarily until the once again attack like a pack of dogs besetting its prey.  It is only when Eliot delivers a couple kicks to Brandon's groin that the tide is once again turned back totally to the side of the pair of Eliot and Nathan.
Although there are moments of apparent life left in Brandon, the only offense he has left is both too weak and sporadic.  The numbers game just doesn't work in his favor here, and Eliot and Nathan plan their advantage to the hilt.  Dragon sleepers are applied, leg scissors are used to their utmost, and in the end, Brandon is left lying on the floor, Eliot's and Nathan's feet firmly planted on his chest.  I think in the future Brandon will make sure that he not only reads his text messages, but that he follows the instructions within them, if for no other reason than to avoid a repeat of what he had to endure in this video!
Total running time:  19 minutes, 58 seconds

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