Mid-September Plans

I write this on a Saturday night, moments before the UFC card that I'm getting ready to watch. A couple more pre-lim fights and I'm sneaking away from the computer for awhile. Excited to see Robbie Lawler fight tonight. It'll be nice to relax with some sports and competitive action. 

This website seems be up and running nicely. Thank you to the few folks who found some bad links and videos that were in the wrong spot. I appreciate your help keeping things running smoothly. A few more things I am working on fine tuning, but the ship seems to be on a good course. 

Sorry to anyone who was confused by having to create a new account on Wrestler4Hire2. I should've let you know I'd let you make the decision if you wanted to continue on this adventure with me or not. In the next few weeks or so, I'll make a decision on if I'm moving all outstanding credits from the old site to the new one or if I'm going to keep them working in conjunction with this site. I definitely would like feedback and to know your preferences. 

The shoot for Tampa has been nearly finalized. Got a couple fresh faces that I won't be announcing as I want them to be a surprise. Also working on getting a former WWE Superstar to confirm he can make the shoot. I've had a few guys go from here to WWE, but I don't think I've gotten a wrestler from WWE to actually join the league here. I've come close a few times, but things always seem to fall apart...so let's just keep our fingers crossed in hopes this one comes through. 

Regardless if the WWE guy comes through or not, the line-up is still one that has me excited about. I like hanging out with most these guys and find them to be a fun time especially during hectic shoot days. Planning to do some fresh Wrestler4Hire, NHB Fights and Hero Hunks. Maybe a couple Bro Battle matches if I can find the right house.


-Jacob Van Acker
-DJ Beckham Jr.
-Max Ryder
-Zach Reno
-Gabe Steele
-Joey Nux
-Myself (Cameron)
-New guy, Blake
-New guy, Chase
-Secret (former) WWE Guy *fingers crossed*

Also, thinking about bringing in Igor for some pro and NHB-Fights stuff. I think he'd catch on to the pro stuff fairly quick and would be a neat addition to the W4H ranks. Is there anyone else you can think of that I should use or bring in for a match or two? I think Z-Man may be in town, so maybe him? I don't know. I tend to over-book the wrestlers or under-book...and I think I prefer I have too many wrestlers than not enough.

I'll have some time to shoot some custom pro or hero videos, shoot me your ideas/scripts to info@wrestler4hire.com and we'll chat about making it a reality.

Will be finalizing a West Coast shoot in late October or November. Got a few studs over there that I've been wanting to film with and it's a good excuse to get out of the cold of New England for a little bit during those autumn months. 

Thanks to Joe @ Ringside at Skull Island for these awesome gifs. Check out his blogs on the recent Wrestler4Hire videos, including the one he referred to as a "MASTERPIECE!" That's high praise coming from that source and I was ecstatic to read the post. Definitely a must visit blog in my book. http://ringsideatskullisland.blogspot.com

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