Autumn is turning into winter

Holy shit! It's been months since I've done a blog...but not for lack of action and productivity. It seems the more I do the less I speak about it. 

Things have been going well over the last few months. Sorting out this website to make it the best experience I can for you. It's funny/amusing how things always take longer than you think and even when you test things you'll still run into issues. That's the name of the game though. I can't complain.

It's cooling off quickly up here in the Northeast and I'm preparing to bundle up as it looks like I'll be spending at least a portion of the winter in New England. I've bought a cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house up here. Haven't even been here a month. The mortgage payment makes it reasonable to snowbird. Less than $500 and I can rent out my spare room to cover most of that cost. Anyone wanna be roommates? Not much to do in these parts, but you'd get a fun roomie. 

Between doing the website, fixing up little things around the new castle and wrestling I've been intensely occupied. I've mentioned in my newsletters that my buddy from wayyyy back in my early years of pro wrestling and myself have decided to give it a go in the pro scene once more. Things are getting on the rails and we are starting to click well again. I strongly expect this train to pick up some steam in the next few months and us getting some great opportunities to check some things off our bucket lists. I find it more natural to be a singles wrestler. Maybe because that's how the wrestling game tends to go. You travel by yourself. You wrestle by yourself. You train by yourself. This has been a nice challenge and a test to see if we're too old to go with the young guns. 

I'll be doing a small shoot featuring Garrett Thomas, Sgt. Stiff and a couple other local guys in a few weeks before my next pro wrestling booking. It'll be great to get those videos on the site along with the latest 50 videos I just created over 3 days in Florida.

I had to go for a doctors appointment so I made sure to have some fun while I was back in town. The weather in Florida is magnificent. I am a HUGE fan of 80 degree weather. I'm one of those folks who can almost never be too warm. My heat is set to AT LEAST 75 and I don't even want the AC to think about turning on until it gets over 77 degrees. This may be trouble if we become roommates. 

We filmed just about every genre I do: pro wrestling, fantasy wrestling, superheroes, oil wrestling, competitive NHB fights and bro battles. It was action-packed. Almost always 2 matches going. One in one room of the AirBNB and one in the other. One in the ring or on the mat at my "studio" and one outside in the humid, sweat filled Tampa Bay sun. We had a blast. Some of the most view Facebook live videos are featured in this Florida shoot. It's incredible how popular Wrestler4Hire has gotten.

I, even, made a behind-the-scenes video that has been very popular. I'd tell you more but you probably saw it. Here's a link if not,

Still waiting to plan my West Coast shoot. Got a lot of studs hitting me up about being on the website. I'm going to hold off probably until January/February. Hopefully the elections don't get too crazy and people aren't getting too wild. It's an intense time to be living. Hope you aren't stressing too much and are coping well amongst the chaos. I've taken time away from television except for old sitcoms. Social media has become a bit much so I've attempted to limit my time on such things. Gotta protect my mental well-being. 

Been enjoying some other hobbies and recreation. Got an old piano off the internet that someone wanted to get rid of. I've had an old guitar for a few years and am now learning both those things. It's amazing how difficult music is to create. It's a fun escape where you can only focus on doing that thing. If you play any of these instruments let me know if you have any tips for me. 

Tried a little driving range golfing with a couple buddies. I think I understand why drinking is a big part of the game. Figuring out how to swing a golf club is exhausting and brutal to your hands. I'm open to tips on that, too. Although, it'll be a while until I can get on a golf range again.

Alright, I'm starting to ramble. Hope you are well. Hope things are looking good for 2021. We ain't far away from that. Hopefully there is some calmness on the horizon. 



Terry Peeler

Terry Peeler

👍👍where are these men found! They are just so F**King hot!
I live in North Carolina and they do not exist here! FACT! Research throughly performed. So if you like these guys wrestling never expect any of this in North Carolina, USA.
This website, photos, & ESPECIALLY THE VIDEOS ARE better than the real man!



I am a professional musician, so I would say, like anything else, proper form is key. That, and having fun! Congrats on the new house. My dad’s family is from Maine and I miss visiting it. I love the videos and wish I could join in the fun!



who exiled the King of Underground Wrestling???

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