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About 2 months ago, I thought about doing some interviews with Wrestler4Hire roster members. I know a few who I MUST definitely interview, but I wanted to get a feel for it with someone I knew what gonna be interesting and help me understand the process a little better, so I went with a fan turned W4H wrestler: Slade Gorman.

We did it over e-mail, which I think will need to be re-worked for future interviews. Perhaps, a phone call with the conversation transcribed after. Anyway, I'll let you hear it and give me feedback about it. I'll also be interested to see what kind of questions you'd like to hear me ask future interviewees.


You've been a fan and participant in the underground wrestling world for awhile. What got you into it originally? What was your first private match like? Or was it a public match?

I loved wrestling since I was about 8 years old. When the first time I turned it on Saturday at 5 pm in Pittsburgh - Studio Championship Wrestling.  

As for my first private match, it was not what I was planning on. But the best thing that came out of it was that he introduced me to John H. (RIP) from California. He had a ring out in California and was a great pro wrestler. He even got me my first mat match in Columbus, Ohio. We use to have wrestling parties all the time.

Any favorite memories from the beginning?

My favorite wrestling memories are when I met BBW and became friend's with him. We met at my first even filming.

I am very fond of my memories from the first video I ever did. I was filming in Minnesota at Dr. Rick's ring and was wrestling another guy. In the middle of filming the door busted open and this man comes in. Everyone is going crazy. I look at him and say who the hell is that. He just looks at me and said "you serious?" got to remember I'm totally new to this. BBW leans over the top rope and points at me and says "I want you now in the ring."

He gears up and we wrestle...then I did the unspeakable. I grab the straps out of his hands in the middle of the match. Everyone is saying you can't do that to BBW. Well, he looked at me and he loved it. We've been friends ever since.

How did you come up with your name Slade Gorman...or was it given at birth?

My name is Slade Gorman.

<Eye Roll> Yeah, sure it is.

Ok, you got me. We came up with it at BG East. They didn't like my current name of LSpowerhouse and I was using Axel Kolten but they didn't like that, either. So after a few hours we came up with Slade Gorman.

You played the dirty heel referee at the beginning of your time with Wrestler4hire. What aspects did you enjoy about that role? Any favorite matches as a ref?

As a dirty referee, I loved it. All 4 matches were awesome. I loved Ronnie Pearl vs. Drew Harper! I was Drew's trainer and this was his first match against Ronnie. Drew was NOT remembering what I trained him on. Ronnie pinned him and told me to finish the I did.

The minion match was awesome, too! As was the match that turned into a 2-on-1. Blake Starr vs. Z-Man - they attack me the referee but it backfired on them and I double DDT'd both of them to win.

You played a little bit on the Hero Hunks set and got your hands on one of the best bodies in the scene. What was it like to actually have your way with Chace LaChance as Crimson Fury? Would you have preferred to take him on in the ring?

I had just found out my dad was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. A lot was on my mind and I wasn't able to fully enjoy and immerse myself in the situation. Chace was a trouper, but on that day I just wasn't myself. I wish we had a ring match, so I'm holding out for a re-match.

You have mentioned that you would like to get your hands on a few specific wrestlers on the W4H roster. Who would they be? What type of match? How would you destroy them?

On the Wrestler4Hire roster, there are several guys I'd love to get my hands on. Blake Starr is top pick and I'd love to have him in a handcuff match. Z-Man is also on the list, but I want him in a Dog Collar Match with 4 corners needing to be tapped in a row to win. 

I'd love a Strap Match with Drew Harper and some foreign objects in the match with Joey Nux. Now, to be truthful, I also want a foreign objects match with the boss. Yes, I'm calling you out.

Easy now, little fella. You're gonna have to climb the ranks to face the top dog...or keep talking that trash and maybe the universe will reward you with an ass whooping ;)

Back to the interview - what was it like coming onto the Wrestler4Hire team? Were you nervous? Who did you hit it off with? 

I hit it off with several of the guys. Of course, you (Cameron) and my old pal Brock. Also, Z-Man and Blake Starr were great and we had a good time together. Joey Nux was a great guy!

Coming into W4H I felt welcomed. Lots of good personalities and cool guys. All there to have fun wrestling.

My favorite thing was getting to know you and the others. Even though, I'm older I felt like I was one of the boys.

You missed the NHB Fights shoot in New York City earlier this year. How badly should I punish you for that?

Missing the NHB Fights shoot was a big, big mistake. I talked to my buddy about my injury and the way it was it wouldn't have been a good idea to wrestle. I definitely owe you, Cameron, for letting you down.

I'm half-way just kidding. I'll let you off the hook this time. 

Will we ever see you and Brock team up against some of the young guys? If so, who would you pick as your opponents and what would you make them wear for gear?

I'd love to team up with Brock. Even though I'm older I keep myself in great shape. I'd want to pick Scrappy & Z-Man as our opponents and I got the perfect outfit for them to wear - thongs!

I like your gear choice. You have any favorite colors?

Definitely blue. 

Well, that's the interview. Let me know your feedback and any ideas you have for future ones.

Thanks for checking it out. 

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