2021 Nominations Have Begun

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I've received a few emails and I think it is time to bring back the Year End Awards.

Let's start with the categories...


-Favorite Wrestler
-Favorite Match
-Favorite Heel
-Favorite Jobber
-Favorite Secret (Nude) Video
-Best Arms
-Best Abs
-Best Legs
-Best Butt
-Best Smile
-Future Champion

Hero Hunks

-Favorite Villain
-Favorite Hero
-Favorite Hero Hunks Video
-Best Super Power

Bro Battle

-Favorite Bro
-Favorite Match Location
-Favorite Muscle 

NHB Fights

-Favorite Wrestler
-Favorite Match

Oil Bash

-Sexiest Match

Comment below with your nominations or send me an email with the SUBJECT LINE "2021 Nominations"

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  • Wrestler4Hire

    -Favorite Wrestler: Christian Thorn
    -Favorite Match: Christian Thorn vs Seth Borden (Ring)
    -Favorite Heel: Christian Thorn
    -Favorite Jobber: Travis
    -Favorite Secret (Nude) Video: None (Christian Thorn isn’t in any of them)
    -Best Arms: Christian Thorn
    -Best Abs: Christian Thorn
    -Best Legs: Christian Thorn
    -Best Butt: Christian Thorn
    -Best Smile: Christian Thorn
    -Future Champion: Christian Thorn

    Hero Hunks

    -Favorite Villain: Tsunami
    -Favorite Hero: Super Lad
    -Favorite Hero Hunks Video: Tsunami vs Wing Boy
    -Best Super Power: Super Strength

    Bro Battle

    -Favorite Bro: Christian Thorn
    -Favorite Match Location: Bedroom
    -Favorite Muscle: Biceps
    NHB Fights

    -Favorite Wrestler: Christian Thorn
    -Favorite Match: Christian Thorn vs Travis

    Oil Bash

    -Sexiest Match: Christian Thorn vs Blake Starr

    Bergmaniac on
  • I vote for the superiority of the great Christian Thorn in all categories hands down.

    Phillip on
  • Wrestler4Hire
    -Favorite Wrestler: Scrappy
    -Favorite Match: Cameron vs Rendell Zebu
    -Best Arms: Travis
    -Best Abs: Blake Starr
    -Best Legs: Joey Nux
    -Best Butt: Cameron
    -Best Smile: Scrappy

    Hero Hunks
    -Favorite Villain: Dr. Maniacal
    -Favorite Hero: White Wolf
    -Favorite Hero Hunks Video: White Wolf vs Black Kobra
    -Best Super Power: Super Strength

    Tom on
  • Wrestler4Hire

    My votes for Garrett Thomas in all of it.

    Nick on
  • hoping u guys get more nude and oil matches. not much to vote from. Zach Reno vs. Blake Starr nude oil would be fun.

    aj on

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