2021 Nominations Have Begun

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I've received a few emails and I think it is time to bring back the Year End Awards.

Let's start with the categories...


-Favorite Wrestler
-Favorite Match
-Favorite Heel
-Favorite Jobber
-Favorite Secret (Nude) Video
-Best Arms
-Best Abs
-Best Legs
-Best Butt
-Best Smile
-Future Champion

Hero Hunks

-Favorite Villain
-Favorite Hero
-Favorite Hero Hunks Video
-Best Super Power

Bro Battle

-Favorite Bro
-Favorite Match Location
-Favorite Muscle 

NHB Fights

-Favorite Wrestler
-Favorite Match

Oil Bash

-Sexiest Match

Comment below with your nominations or send me an email with the SUBJECT LINE "2021 Nominations"

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  • Favorite Wrestler: Scrappy
    Favorite Match: Scrappy v anybody
    Favorite Heal: Elite Elliot when nasty, White Wolf, Scrappy when nasty
    Favorite Body: Scrappy almost everywhere. Travis has the top torso
    Favorite Smile: guess?

    Hero Hunks

    Favorite Match: White Wolf v Tsunami

    Bro Battles

    Favorite Matches: Scrappy v Travis in bed, Scrappy v Cash outside

    NHB Fights

    Favorite matches: Scrappy v Thorn, Travis v Thorn


    Favorite Match: Scrappy v Drew Harper

    I do watch and purchase matches with wrestlers other than Scrappy. Keep up the good work.

    Ralph Silverio on
  • Favorite Wrestler — Ethan Andrews
    Favorite Match — Cameron vs Ethan with Max Quivers
    Favorite Heel — Ethan Andrews
    Favorite Jobber — Blake Starr
    Best ABs — Blake Starr

    BgklMangler on
  • Camerom is my favorite
    Jim on
  • I’m a big Hero Hunks fan so thought I’d vote on that -

    -Favorite Villain: The Eye, by a long shot! Would love to see him back in videos.
    -Favorite Hero: Typically I would vote for whatever hero Scrappy is, but in 2021 I actually really enjoyed Drew Harper a lot. So my vote is for Drew this year!
    -Favorite Hero Hunks Video: Absolutely Super Soldier vs The Eye.
    -Best Super Power: don’t mean to keep regurgitating the same answers but I thought The Eye’s power was the most unique I’ve seen in Hero Hunks thus far.

    JHarm on
  • Wrestler4Hire

    -Favorite Wrestler: Cameron Matthew
    -Favorite Heel: Jonny Firestorm
    -Favorite Jobber: Cameron Matthew
    -Favorite Secret (Nude) Video: JOEY NUX VS. ETHAN ANDREWS (NUDE)
    -Best Arms: Cameron Matthew
    -Best Abs: Blake Starr
    -Best Legs: Elite Eliot & Cameron Matthew
    -Best Butt: Elite Eliot & Cameron Matthew
    -Best Smile: Cameron Matthew
    -Future Champion: Cameron Matthew vs Gabe Steel (MY NUTS, BRO) & Elite Eliot vs Gabe Steel (MY NUTS, BRO) & Elite Eliot vs Jonny Firestorm (MY NUTS, BRO) & Elite Eliot vs Ty Alexander (MY NUTS, BRO) & Elite Eliot vs Cameron Matthew (NUDE)

    Hero Hunks

    -Favorite Villain: AZUL STEELE
    -Favorite Hero: LEOPARD BOY
    -Favorite Hero Hunks Video: LEOPARD BOY VS. AZUL STEELE
    -Best Super Power: Sapping serum with ballbusting

    Bro Battle

    -Favorite Match Location: Couch
    -Favorite Muscle: Blake Starr

    NHB Fights

    -Favorite Wrestler: Elite Eliot
    -Favorite Match: Cameron vs. Elite Eliot

    Oil Bash

    -Sexiest Match: CAMERON VS. KAYDEN ALEXANDER (OIL WRESTLING), especially ballbusting

    Jay (Jigyu) on

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