Zach Reno vs. Guido Genatto & Dolph Denner

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It's hard to control Guido. Scratch that. It's impossible to control Guido, but his "coach" and "friend" Dolph knows how to direct that intensity and aggression. The hostility picks up when Zach Reno saunters into his scheduled training session with the coach. 

The MMA/Grappling session quickly takes a turn. Zach finds himself on the receiving end of a sneak attack from Guido before being double-teamed by both men in a combination head scissor/body scissor. If that wasn't enough, the new student has his balls assaulted and tortured as both men find pleasure in the pain of the young trainee. It hurts to watch. They are relentless on the private area.

Back-and-forth Zach is passed between the two friends until they decided to share him at the same time. Locking him in double-teamed holds. Guido takes liberties by tossing the smaller guy around, but that isn't enough. Piledrivers and Tombstones become commonplace, including a final tombstone onto the bare concrete floor of the gym, which puts Zach Reno out...possibly for good.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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