Zach Reno vs. Garrett Thomas (Sleepers)

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If you’ve been following the careers of Zach Reno and Garrett Thomas, you know you’d be hard pressed to produce two more impressive pro wrestlers. Seriously. These guys are experts in trash talk, strength, athleticism, speed, and communication. It’s like watching two especially vindictive dancers perform a flawless pas de deux, and there’s nothing better than watching these two pros strangled and strain in a punishing sleeper! 

Zach’s sizable package is on full display through thin, white speedos, as he’s hurled and hurt by the Boss Hog. Too easy for Garrett Thomas, who applies a pile driver in exchange for a strike to the jaw. But is a punishing pile driver enough? Nah...time for the Boss Hog to coil those arms around Zach’s neck like serpents and squeeze. 

Zach looks almost beautiful lying unconscious. But the beautiful image is broken quickly when the Boss Hog decides to wake his opponent up with some wet, sweaty body slaps and a killer camel clutch. But Zach doesn’t give in easily, and there’s still some fight in him yet, as long as he’s not sleepered to death first.

Total Runtime: 26 minutes, 42 seconds

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