Wing Boy vs. Yellow Comet

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What do you do when your super hero sidekick suddenly turns on you? And what happens if that sidekick can’t control himself. This is the situation Wing Boy finds himself in when the duo are investigating a crime. Suddenly, without warning, a bell rings and Yellow Comet is overcome with rage, attacking Wing Boy mercilessly.

What dastardly villain has brainwashed Yellow Comet, compelling him to attack his friend at the mere sounding of a bell? Can Wing Boy fight him off? Or will Yellow Comet’s blind rage prove too much for our super hero to defend against? Pounding him and choking him like a rabid dog, only a second bell brings Yellow Comet out of his murderous rage.

Stripping Wing Boy of his costume down to a blue speedo, Yellow Comet’s pain of not knowing why he is doing these things is almost as bad as the pain he is dishing out to his friend. At last succumbing totally to the hypnotic control, Yellow Comet leaves Wing Boy in no condition to fight crime any longer. Finally released from control, the sidekick calls desperately for someone to help his friend.

Total Run-time: 27 minutes, 53 seconds

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